Costa Rica is the Place to Be

Our around the world adventure begins…in Costa Rica.

It seems like everyone is either going to or just went to Costa Rica.  Has Costa Rica replaced Mexico as the go-to vacation spot for US travelers?  What is it about this place?  Starting on August 6th Jessica and I will find out what all of the excitement is about.

Our place-to-be plans for Costa Rica are:

Date Place- City/Town Hostel 
8/6/2013 Arrive into San Jose Hostel Bekuo
8/7/2013 San Jose Hostel Bekuo
8/8/2013 Puerto Viejo Walaba Hostel
8/9/2013 Puerto Viejo Walaba Hostel
8/10/2013 Puerto Viejo Walaba Hostel
8/11/2013 Monteverde Casa Tranquilo Hostel
8/12/2013 Monteverde Casa Tranquilo Hostel
8/13/2013 Monteverde Casa Tranquilo Hostel
8/14/2013 Monteverde Casa Tranquilo Hostel
8/15/2013 Montezuma Casacolores
8/16/2013 Santa Teresa / Mal Pais Hostel Seven 7 Casa Del Gingi
8/17/2013 Santa Teresa Hostel Seven 7 Casa Del Gingi
8/18/2013 Santa Teresa Hostel Seven 7 Casa Del Gingi
8/19/2013 Jaco Beds on Bohio
8/20/2013 Jaco Beds on Bohio
8/21/2013 Jaco Beds on Bohio
8/22/2013 Bus back to San Jose, fly to Quito, Ecuador Flight to Quito at 11:38 AM

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