What In the World Happened?

Jessica and Gary went around the world.  Our trip began on August 6th of 2013. We returned to the US 1 year and 1 week later.  We visited 24 different countries.  See the permanent post, Oh the Places We’ll Go… for a list of where we went and when we were there.

The intent of this blog is to document our travels for friends and family (and for ourselves, too).  

Choosing to do a blog was a surprisingly difficult decision.  We do not wish to come off as showy or braggy (“Hey!  Look at us!  Look at us!”).  What we are hoping to show is that it’s possible for ordinary knuckleheads (like us) to travel the world.  Granted, many conditions have to be right, but it’s also about making those conditions right and recognizing when that window of opportunity is opening.  Choosing to jump through that open window before it closes was the easy part; at least it was for us.

I presented the idea of traveling the world for a year to Jessica one evening while we were standing together in the kitchen.  Her reaction was a priceless mixture of about a million individual thoughts, questions and emotions.  Her eyes jumped around the room as if she were trying to keep up with a ball in a pinball machine.  “Uh, yes!  “Can we do that?”  “How does that work?”

As she would later summarize, if anyone ever asks you if you want to travel around the world for a year, the answer is always, “Yes!”



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